Quantum Health - TheraZinc Lozenges Elderberry Raspberry Flavour

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These raspberry-flavored Elderberry+ Immunity lozenges rely primarily on immune-supporting elderberry. They also provide a pop of immune-supporting vitamin C and traditionally used herbals focused on throat comfort. Elderberry+ Immunity Lozenges provide 200 mg of elderberry fruit extract, which has been used in herbal traditions for centuries. Today elderberry has been found to promote a balanced immune response, possibly through affecting macrophage activity.*

Elderberry+ Lozenges also contain:

  • Vitamin C – Over 150% of your daily requirement
  • Echinacea – Help support a healthy immune response, especially at the start of an immune system challenge*
  • Marshmallow and Mullein Leaf – Traditionally used to promote throat comfort*

The mild Echinacea dosage in these lozenges makes them safe for longer-term use during seasons of immune system challenge.  Keep your throat comfortable while providing your body with immune system support from elderberry!*